Semester I
Course Code Title Download
CACS101 Computer Fundamentals & Applications Download
CACO102 Society and Technology Download
CAEN103 English I Download
CAMT104 Mathematics I Download
CACS105 Digital Logic Download
Semester II
Course Code Title Download
CACS151 C Programming Download
CAAC152 Financial Accounting Download
CAEN153 English II Download
CAMT154 Mathematics II Download
CACS155 Microprocessor and Computer Architecture Download
Semester III
Course Code Title Download
CACS201 Data Structures and Algorithms Download
CAST202 Probability and Statistics Download
CACS203 System Analysis and Design Download
CACS204 OOP in Java Download
CACS205 Web Technology Download
Semester IV
Course Code Title Download
CACS251 Operating System Download
CACS252 Numerical Methods Download
CACS253 Software Engineering Download
CACS254 Scripting Language Download
CACS255 Database Management System Download
CAPJ256 Project I Download
Semester V
Course Code Title Download
CACS301 MIS and E-Business Download
CACS302 DotNet Technology Download
CACS303 Computer Networking Download
CAMG304 Introduction to Management Download
CACS305 Computer Graphics and Animation Download
Semester VI
Course Code Title Download
CACS351 Mobile Programming Download
CACS352 Distributed System Download
CAEC Applied Economics Download
CACS354 Advanced Java Programming Download
CACS355 Network Programming Download
CAPJ356 Project II Download
Semester VII
Course Code Title Download
CACS402 Cyber Law and Professional Ethics Download
CACS402 Cloud Computing Download
CAIN403 Internship Download
Elective I Download
Elective II Download
Semester VII (Elective Subjects)
Course Code Title Download
CACS404 Image Processing Download
CACS405 Database Administration Download
CACS406 Network Administration Download
CACS408 Advanced Dot Net Technology Download
CACS409 E-Governance Download
CACS410 Artificial Intelligence Download
Semester VIII
Course Code Title Download
CAOR451 Operations Research Download
CAPJ452 Project III Download
Elective III Download
Elective IV Download
Semester VIII (Elective Subjects)
Course Code Title Download
CACS454 Database Programming Download
CACS454 Geographical Information System Download
CACS455 Data Analysis and Visualization Download
CACS456 Machine Learning Download
CACS457 Multimedia System Download
CACS458 Knowledge Engineering Download
CACS459 Information Security Download
CACS460 Internet of Things Download
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