About Us

Pascal National College (PNC) was established to meet the global challenge of 21st-century education and research trends. It has a team of leading academicians, IT professionals, and education experts to provide holistic development of students and prepare them to compete in the global market of Information Technology. PNC was established with the mission of producing graduates with a highly competitive mindset and professionals. The college offers a unique combination of activity-focused pedagogy with laboratory, field, project, and research work.
Pascal National College offers a four-year Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) program affiliated with Tribhuvan University, commonly known as TU. This program primarily emphasizes on application development, enabling students to pursue careers as software developers after graduation. Additionally, graduates can explore many other fields including design and multimedia, networking, network security, and systems administration.
While the basic computer science curriculum is in line with other computer science-related degrees, the distinguishing feature of the BCA program at Pascal National College lies in its strong focus on programming. During your journey with Pascal National College in BCA, you will learn multiple programming languages, and you will be required to complete multiple projects in different programming languages. Students in their final semester will also have the opportunity to pursue internships in IT industries based on their specific interests.

Research and project work

Research is an integral part of the learning and teaching process. Our faculty are engaged in various research projects, including artificial intelligence, smart cities, e-governance, and machine learning. They will guide students to pursue real-time projects in these fields.

World leading Computer Science Webinars

PNC has a module of online guest lecture sessions from around the globe, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Europe. These speakers share the recent global trends in IT and possible career opportunities abroad for BCA graduates.

Conferences and Symposiums

To expose the students and faculty at PNC, we always motivate the faculty and students to take part in international conferences related to computer science, computer applications, and IT. In these venues, they get to build a network of like-minded people and present their ideas in front of eminent individuals, which ultimately enhances their careers. We support our students to participate in world-class conferences like NeurIPS, ECCV, ICML, ICRA, and many others.

Working with Industry

We, at PNC, provide an excellent environment for every student to participate in internships at IT industries. We aim for our students to integrate classroom learning into a work environment and vice versa. We have endorsed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with top-rated IT companies in town for the placement of our students as interns. Currently, we have MoUs with Treeleaf.ai, MounTech, and AMSoft Technologies, with many others in the pipeline.


  • Merit Scholarship: BCA Entrance Topper (Conducted By TU)
  • Partial Scholarship: Marginalized Community, Rural Areas And Females
  • Treeleaf AI Scholarship: Scholarship provided by Treeleaf.ai

Guest Speakers

PNC invites senior academicians, professionals, and experts from across the globe in specialized areas of the IT industry as guest speakers. The speakers share their ideas, views, and experiences with faculties and students. We are enriched with knowledge and ideas from an enormous set of guest experts from the IT industry and academia. Some distinguished guests are :

  • Assoc. Prof. Nawaraj Paudel, Former HOD, CDCSIT, TU, Nepal
  • Mr. Ashok Kumar Pant, Founder and CTO of Treeleaf.ai
  • Asst. Prof. Jagdish Bhatta, TU, Nepal
  • Asst. Prof. Tej Bahadur Shahi, TU, Nepal
  • Mr. Amit Maharjan, CEO, AMsoft Technologies, Nepal
  • Asst. Prof. Loknath Regmi, Pulchwok Engineering Campus, TU, Nepal
  • Mr. Shishir Paudyal, Engineering Manager at CloudFactory, Nepal
  • Nav Raj Vinady, Project Manager at UNOapp, Toronto, Canada
  • Dr. Sammujwal Bhandari, TTU, USA
  • Asst. Prof. Bhoj Raj Joshi, Computer Application, TU, Nepal

Teaching and Learning

World Class faculties
PNC is driven by renowned experts in the IT field and well-trained professors. All the faculties at PNC have numerous years of teaching experience at various graduate and undergraduate levels.

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